Remote Operating Station for Overhead Cranes

Enhanced safety, functionality and comfort

Remote operating system closeup


Konecranes Remote Operation Station (ROS) is the twenty-first century alternative to the traditional crane cabin. A multifunctional electronic desk, camera-based visuals and ergonomic controls support both effective work and a pleasant user experience. ROS features the same controls as a cabin on the crane structure, but lets operators drive cranes at a distance, in a central control room, or even off-site.


Versatile and efficient

Remote operation offers several customer benefits, which vary based on the manufacturing process where the cranes are used. As the most important outcome, the Remote Operating Station helps to improve operator´s safety and working conditions.

There is no need to work in an often hazardous manufacturing environment, enter platforms, or use ladders or stairs for reaching the cabin. In addition, the cameras allow a line of sight to the locations, which are normally not easy to see. ROS also supports work ergonomics, as cranes can be operated from a comfortable office space. New table and joystick designs keep operators comfortable, even on long shifts.



Remote operating system illustration


Fitted with the latest technology

Konecranes Remote Operating Station (ROS) provides a safe, fully-functional and ergonomic work area that improves process flow and productivity. More efficient crane use means a longer crane life, and a better return on investment. ROS can be used in Metals Production, Petroleum and Gas, Waste to Energy and Biomass and many other industries. Contact us today to discuss how the Remote Operating System suits your applications.