Manual Hand Chain Blocks

Smooth and efficient operation

Konecranes manual hand chain blocks are durable, but still lightweight enough to be transported easily. We offer both KM2 hand chain blocks with a lifting capacity of up to 5,000 kg and KMP hand chain blocks that lift up to 20,000 kg.

Hand chain block safety

Safety is a key point in all Konecranes equipment, and our manual hand chain blocks are no exception. They have a dual Pawl Weston-style brake with 2 friction discs providing 4 braking surfaces. The brake is totally enclosed to maximize protection against dirt. The rugged construction of the hoist features a steel gear case and hand wheel cover.

The high strength, grade 80, galvanized alloy steel load chain has high corrosion resistance, and ISO hooks are in alloy steel, heat treated and equipped with hook latches and inspection points. The machined chain sprocket and gears provide smoother, more efficient and reliable operation. In addition, the open type chain drive mechanism allows simple inspection and cleaning.

Adapting to various lifting needs

Hand chain blocks are available as hook suspended models or with I-beam trolleys. Trolleys can have manual push or hand-geared chain operation, both also available with a special low headroom construction.

KMP models are also equipped with a torque limiter and one extra bearing to support the load wheel to make the product more robust.

Some of our manual products are also available for hazardous environments.

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