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The Quick, Easy, Painless Way to Junk Cars for More Money

You shouldn't have to deal with tire-kickers, pushy negotiators, or jump through any extra hoops.  

Whether your car recently failed you or you've simply had enough Junk Car Medics makes the process quick, easy, and painless.

With Junk Car Medics, you don't have to haggle to get the best price to junk cars.

You'll find selling junk cars is simply easier with Junk Car Medics.

  • You never have to coordinate appointment times with buyers. With us, we make all the arrangements so you can get your junk car towed.
  • We give you fair market value based on everything from the model of the car to the weight of scrap metal today.
  • We're a no-pressure organization. Some people will check out our quotes in the name of research and then go on their merry ways. We're cool with that.

Everything we do is built around a strong customer service model. Once you accept our offer it's simple to junk your car, we set everything in motion.

Since Junk Car Medics was launched in 2016 by Todd Bialaszewski, we've quickly grown to become America's biggest junk car buyer. We have thousands of happy customer reviews and a large network of the best local partners.

At Junk Car Medics, we've built a network of reliable dealers throughout the country, so we can help car sellers all across the US. Instead of leaving the research for you to do, we've streamlined it all so you can take the money and run (or just leave).

But the main reason why you should sell your car for cash with us is that we'll get you more money.

Cars bought since 2006

$54+ million
Paid to sellers like you

1-2 days
From offer to pickup + payment

Great to deal with. The online tool provided a quick, reasonable quote. Once I accepted the quote, I received a call promptly to go over the details and set up a pickup time. The driver called to confirm the time and again when he was about 10 minutes away. All of the staff was very courteous and made the process painless. I will be using them again if I need to dispose of another vehicle!

-- William Vanderbur

Easy online process. Reasonable and fair offer was made. Arranged pickup for following day. Transfer of keys and money a breeze. Wish I had known about them when I had to get rid of my other car.

-- T. Brown

The whole process went smoothly with no issues. The customer service was great and they answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend them and I would use their services again.

-- Tonya Meacham

Fast, professional, hassle free experience. This was my first time using junkcarmedics.com and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to dispose of an unwanted vehicle. It only took a few minutes to complete the needed paperwork and I had a fair offer for my car within minutes. Communication was outstanding and the pick up process was a breeze

-- John Gunnell

Is Junk Car Medics Legit

If you’re located in the United States and you’re interested in getting cash for your junk car, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. At Junkcarmedics.com, we are proud to offer the best prices for old rides and we also provide the most comprehensive and caring customer service, including free towing/free junk removal.

A lot of auto salvage yards have shady reputations. Ours is different. When you choose us, the amount that we offer for your car will be the exact amount that you get paid. In other words, we won’t quote an amount and then send our towing/removal crew out with less cash than we agreed to pay! Some companies do pull these scams, but we never will. This is why placing your trust in us will never be a mistake!


When you do place your trust in us, you won’t be disappointed. Our loyal clients know that we deliver honest services, while also providing them with total ease and convenience.

In fact, we chose our company name because we act as “medics” for our customers. This means that we step in and “cure” all of their junk car problems in a skilled and compassionate manner!

Please contact us today in order to begin the process. We will provide you with exemplary auto salvage services which will make the process of unloading your old car for cash a total breeze

JunkCarMedics.com of course!  And here's why:

  1. Top rated car buyer
  2. Involved with various automobile recycling organizations
  3. We don’t “bait and switch.” Some auto salvage yards will quote you a price for your junker, but when the tow truck comes to pick it up, your vehicle has magically lost some -- or a lot – of its value. That doesn’t happen with Junk Car Medics®. We tell you how much we’ll pay right from the start, and that’s the exact amount you end up with.
  4. We’re so good we’re growing. We started off buying junk cars in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 2014. We’ve already expanded from New York to California (with many states in between). Our goal is to extend to the entire continental United States in 2015.
  5. We know the business. Our representatives keep a keen eye on the automobile recycling industry. We know prices for pulled parts, scrap metal, and other recyclables. This means that…
  6. You’ll get a fair price. We know you want to make money. So do we. We’re in this together. We can’t run this business without customers’ vehicles, so we offer fair prices. Trying to make a little more by giving a seller a little less will help the bottom line today…but what about tomorrow? Skimping on what we pay out won’t give us a good reputation and bring in new business. And we’re in it for the long haul.
  7. We offer options. You can get a quote online, or you can call and talk to a real live person.
  8. We’re fast.  You won’t have to wait around for a quote. We know both cars and the salvage industry, so we’re ready and able to give you a fair price.
  9. We offer free towing. We’ll send a tow truck to pick up your junker ASAP (but at your convenience). Oh, and you’ll get your payment then, on the spot.
  10. We’re knowledgeable. We could prove this by taking a quiz…but we won’t. We have an excellent resource list and a frequently updated blog for some interesting -- and possibly surprising -- information. Want to know some top recycling tips? What are some good books on car maintenance? How does the car recycling business work? All that, and more, is waiting for you online.
  11. We’re upfront. We’d like to give you $500 for your junk car. It’s in our best interest to offer you the best price we can. (See number 5.) But in 2015, the American scrap metal industry is not doing so great. It’s been in a slump since 2014. We’re telling you this now so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised if we can’t pay as much as you want for your vehicle. Yeah, we’re not happy about it either. Join us in wishing really, really hard that prices are back up again soon and you can junk a car for $500.
  12. We want to protect you. Sure, we want your business. But we also don’t want you to get ripped off by a shady company. That’s why we share information about salvage yard scams and how to review salvage yards. We’re here to buy your old car, but we’re also here to help.
  13. We want to help. You’re knowledgeable about a lot of stuff. But maybe junk cars are not one of those things. We do know the business, and we’re ready to walk you through the process of selling your car online step by step, offering guidance, tips, and advice. ‘Cause when it’s easier for you, it’s easier for us.
  14. We make it easy. Look, salvaging is important to the recycling industry, but we know it’s not brain surgery. It’s actually a very simple process: get a quote, make a deal, get paid, say bye-bye to your junker. That’s really all there is to it. We don’t prolong the process. That’s annoying for you and less profitable for us.
  15. We’re selective. We work with cash for cars companies across the country, but we won’t collaborate with just anyone. We check them out to make sure they’re as reliable and honest as we are. No weak links here.
  16. We’re not snooty. We don’t care how bad off your junker is…it’s still worth something. We’ll offer you a fair price, even if “rust bucket” is a generous term for your car.
  17. We're giving back.  We gave away a $1,000 scholarship this year and plan to get more involved in local communities in 2019!
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