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We Buy Junk Cars in Philadelphia for Cash

Junk Car Medics buys junk cars in Philadelphia of all vehicle types and conditions for cash.

Need to get rid of a junk car in Philadelphia? We buy junk cars in Philadelphia. Junk Car Medics is the best purchaser of junk cars because we work with a wide range of other purchasers of scrap cars in the area, like car auctions, individual purchasers, and junkyards. Making these local buyers compete gets us the best possible price for every junk car.

Junk cars sold in Philadelphia might have been in a serious wreck or completely totaled. Sometimes they are cars with consistent mechanical problems or old cars which aren't worth keeping going anymore.

Thousands of positive online reviews are a testament to Junk Car Medic’s success in the junker industry. We've purchased more than 200,000 vehicles and paid out over $55 million dollars for them.

Getting the most money for a clunker in Philadelphia can be frustrating. There isn't much time to spare, and there are lots of car junkers offering to buy your jalopy. Unfortunately, some may be less than honest when it comes to handing over the cash when they come to pick up the car. That's why a process that's quick, easy, and painless with a company you can trust is so important In Philadelphia..

The average junk car in Philadelphia:

  • is 16 years old (2006)
  • has 153,120 miles
  • has a value of $829.62

Here are some more stats on junk cars in Philadelphia:

  • 40% do not drive
  • 26% do not start
  • 55% have body damage
  • 10.61% have no title

At Junk Car Medics we pay cash for cars in Philadelphia in all conditions. We buy junk cars for cash - damaged, wrecked, totaled, old, scrap, clunkers and non-running cars in Philadelphia.

The junk cars that we buy for cash in Philadelphia include damaged cars, wrecked cars, totaled cars, old cars with high mileage, non-running cars, scrap cars, and clunker junkers.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Philadelphia in Any Condition

Get cash for cars in Philadelphia with Junk Car Medics, the #1 way to sell junk cars in Philadelphia.

It's not complicated to sell junk cars for cash in Philadelphia. There are plenty of car scrappers, auto salvage yards, and private buyers in Philadelphia happy to pay good money for an old clunker. Why sell to Junk Car Medics? Our process is the easiest way to get cash for old cars in Philadelphia. More importantly, we get more money for your junk car.

It's not wise to let a junk car sit around on your property or on public property in Philadelphia. According to the City of Philadelphia Government, one of the most frequent service requests submitted by the public is for abandoned vehicles. Junk and abandoned vehicles are a serious problem in Philadelphia, as is theft of vehicle parts. Furthermore, recycling junk cars brings in money for the city, so the government is motivated to tow vehicles.

It’s wise to get a junker off your property while it can earn some money instead of letting it be towed. The City of Philadelphia defines an abandoned junk vehicle as being undrivable, typically with flat or missing tires or other missing parts. It could have been in an accident and have jagged edges or broken glass.

Abandoned vehicles left on public property for more than 48 hours or more than 24 hours without the consent of the property owner are towed, so there might not be much time to get rid of a vehicle if it breaks down somewhere other than on your property. That said, it can take as much as 60 business day to have an abandoned vehicle towed if it isn't posing a direct threat to the public. However, it's probably not worth waiting to see if a vehicle gets towed. Sell it for cash as soon as possible.

Philadelphia takes junk cars and the damage they do to the environment seriously, another reason junk cars in Philadelphia are towed quickly. Philadelphia Scrapyards and Auto Wrecking: Planning Considerations discusses the extensive rules Philadelphia is putting into place to keep junkyards from causing pollution in the surrounding environment.

No matter where a junk vehicle is, whether in the historic riverside city of Port Richmond, a more industrial area like Whitman, or in the areas along the Schuylkill River like Devil's Pocket or the Forgotten Bottom, it is likely to be towed. Expect junk vehicles to be towed even more quickly in a high visibility area like around the University of Pennsylvania or in Beige Block.

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    How to Junk a Car in Philadelphia in 4 Simple Steps

    Steps to scrap a car in Philadelphia in 4 easy steps:

    Step 1: Call us at 1-855-585-0777 or get offer online
    Step 2: Accept the best junk car offer in Philadelphia
    Step 3: Schedule junk car removal in Philadelphia
    Step 4: Get paid cash upon pickup of the junk car.

    Junk Car Offers

    First Time Selling a Junk Car?

    I've put together a guide on how to sell a junk car. Let me walk you through the steps of selling a junk car.  

    Why Junk Car Medics in Philadelphia

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      Get an offer, accept it, and be walked through the entire process to junk cars in Philadelphia.

    • Free Towing and Removal

      Free Towing and Removal

      Junk Car Medics has no additional charge for junk car removal in Philadelphia. 

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      Junking a car in Philadelphia should be fast, easy, and pain-free. Our team helps assure it.

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    Why Choose Junk Car Medics in Philadelphia?

    Junk Car Medics is a fast, simple, and painless way to junk cars for cash in Philadelphia. I invite you to get an offer to junk your car in Philadelphia and put our service against anyone!

    Todd Bialaszewski - Junk Car Medics

    Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Philadelphia

    Who buys junk cars in Philadelphia?

    Listed below are seven junk car buyers in Philadelphia .

    1. Junk Car Medics (best overall)
    2. Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts
    3. Philly Auto Salvage And Parts
    4. Rudy's Towing & Auto Salvage
    5. Philadelphia Junk Cars, Inc
    6. Auto Spot II Auto Parts
    7. Philly Cash For Cars

    Wondering who buys junk cars in Philadelphia? Philadelphia has a number of junkyards since trading in parts and metal from junk cars in Philadelphia is big business. The vast majority of vehicles that stop being functional in Philadelphia end up in the junk car industry, which is a substantial number of vehicles. Considering the junk car industry here, it’s not surprising there are lots of places that buy junk cars.

    How to choose a junk car buyer in Philadelphia?

    The best junk car buyers in Philadelphia offer a pleasant experience and help you get rid of the vehicle quickly. Here are a few other things to keep in mind when searching for the right car junker for you.

    1. Follows all Philadelphia laws to the letter and handles paperwork
    2. Reputable and well-reviewed throughout Philadelphia
    3. Easy to work with, friendly, and offers quick, accurate quotes
    4. Never charges for towing in Philadelphia or the surrounding suburbs
    5. Offers to schedule pick-up promptly and shows up when they say they will

    There's a lot of money to be made in the Philadelphia jalopy trade. While the vast majority of vehicle recyclers have upstanding businesses, it's important to be careful about choosing quality junk car buyers in Philadelphia.

    What is the best junk car buyer in Philadelphia?

    The best junk car buyer in Philadelphia is Junk Car Medics. Junk Car Medics works with local junkyards, towing services, online car auctions, and car buyers to get the most cash for junk cars in Philadelphia.

    Do junkyards in Philadelphia buy junk cars for cash?

    Yes, junkyards and auto salvage yards in Philadelphia buy junk cars. It is still best to call each junkyard and ask.

    Do wrecking yards in Philadelphia buy cars for cash?

    Yes, wrecking yards in Philadelphia buy cars. It is still best to call each wrecking yard and ask.

    What is the best junkyard in Philadelphia?

    Listed below are the five best junkyards in Philadelphia.

    1. Philadelphia Junk Cars, Inc - Offers excellent customer service and free towing
    2. Philly Auto Salvage And Parts - Quality major parts such as motors that continue running for a long time
    3. Essington Avenue Used Auto Parts - Family-owned and operated with a well-organized, large selection of vehicles
    4. Jim's Auto Recycling Inc - Relatively small junkyard with personal service from the owner, Jim
    5. Junk Cars for Cash Today - Parts available in extremely good condition

    There is no shortage of junkyards to choose from in Philadelphia. It’s possible to get extremely quality parts from a wide range of vehicles, thanks to the robust industry in scrap cars in Philadelphia. The best junk yards in Philadelphia offer a lot of vehicles and parts to rebuild any vehicle.

    What are scrap car prices near me in Philadelphia?

    The current average scrap car price in Philadelphia is $830.

    The most wanted junk car in Philadelphia is the 2009 Nissan Altima averaging $611 cash for scrap cars. Remember that scrap car prices in Philadelphia fluctuate depending on several factors, so it is important to get an accurate quote from Junk Car Medics at the time of selling your junk car.

    Average Junk Car Price
    in Philadelphia

    Average Prices For Top 10 Junk Cars in Philadelphia

    Here are the 10 most popular junk cars in Philadelphia:

    1. 2009 Nissan Altima - $610.71
    2. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu - $661.43
    3. 2012 Hyundai Sonata - $1,304.17
    4. 2005 Honda Civic - $620.83
    5. 2008 Nissan Altima - $568.75
    6. 2004 Hyundai Elantra - $695.00
    7. 2004 Mazda 6 - $572.50
    8. 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan - $738.75
    9. 2009 Nissan Maxima - $630.00
    10. 2006 Acura MDX - $665.00

    Philadelphia Junk Cars With The Highest Values

    Here are the top 10 valued junk cars in Philadelphia

    1. Honda CR-V - $1,438.33
    2. Toyota Prius - $1,380.71
    3. BMW X5 - $1,185.83
    4. Hyundai Sonata - $1,170.33
    5. Toyota Corolla - $1,095.00
    6. Jeep Grand Cherokee - $1,063.00
    7. Honda Accord - $1,034.47
    8. Ford Focus - $990.83
    9. BMW 3-Series - $958.33
    10. Ford Taurus - $891.79

    Remember that current junk car prices fluctuate depending on several factors, it is important to get a quote from Junk Car Medics to get an accurate price for you junker in Philadelphia.

    What factors impact junk car values in Philadelphia?

    Listed below are the seven main factors that impact junk car prices in Philadelphia.

    1. The popularity of the vehicle in Philadelphia
    2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is driveable.
    3. Value of the vehicle’s parts in Philadelphia .
    4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal.
    5. Philadelphia scrap metal prices.
    6. If you have the State vehicle title.
    7. The location of your vehicle in Philadelphia .

    In Philadelphia, clunkers have to be sold quickly, before they are reported and towed by the Philadelphia government. It should come as no surprise junk car values are heavily affected by how quickly you need to get the vehicle towed.

    It's important to consider whether there's a title available. Pennsylvania requires a title, but ownership can be verified in other ways in Philadelphia. The registration and bill of sale may be sufficient to sell a junk car here. However, without a title, the value of the junk car decreases substantially.

    How do junk car prices in Philadelphia compare to other cities?

    The average junk car price in Philadelphia is $830. The average junk car price in Pennsylvania is $700. Comparatively, the national average price of a junk car is $617. Therefore, Philadelphia pays $130 more for junk cars than the Pennsylvania average and $213 more for junk cars than the national average.

    Here are nearby cities that pay less for junk cars than Philadelphia:

    View recent junk car values in Philadelphia


    Can I sell my junk car for $500 cash in Philadelphia?

    Yes you can sell a junk car for $500 cash in Philadelphia . Junk car prices are high right now due to factors that impact the value.

    It doesn't matter how old, totaled, or otherwise decrepit your vehicle is, you might still get over $500 cash for junk cars in Philadelphia. Too often, the owners of junkers abandon the vehicle to be towed by the city, unaware of how much money is available. Get a quick commitment-free online quote to find out if you can junk a car for $500.

    Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price Title Mileage Driveable?
    2006 Mazda MAZDA3 19102 11-28-2022 $525 Clean 174000 Yes
    2003 Honda CR-V 19103 11-13-2022 $555 Clean Unknown No
    2007 Mazda MAZDA3 19103 04-28-2022 $670 Clean 111000 No
    2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser 19103 10-10-2022 $565 Clean 92000 No
    2003 Chevrolet Malibu 19103 10-06-2021 $520 Clean 154000 Yes
    1993 Mazda MX-5 Miata 19104 05-31-2022 $745 Clean 229000 Yes
    1992 Dodge Ram Wagon 19104 05-25-2022 $605 Clean 180000 No
    1998 Mercury Grand Marquis 19104 05-02-2022 $560 None 716000 Yes
    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer 19104 03-02-2021 $565 None 120000 Yes
    2004 Dodge Durango 19104 06-18-2021 $590 Clean 210000 No
    2009 Chevrolet Malibu 19104 07-29-2022 $550 Rebuilt 168000 Yes
    2007 Chevrolet Cobalt 19104 02-07-2023 $700 Clean 168000 No
    2005 Hyundai Santa Fe 19104 10-30-2022 $745 Clean 166000 Yes
    2008 Nissan Altima 19104 01-06-2023 $525 Clean 132000 Yes
    2002 GMC Yukon 19104 02-11-2023 $595 Clean 200000 Yes

    How much Can You Sell Your Car For in Philadelphia?

    What do I need to sell my junk car in Philadelphia?

    To sell junk cars in Philadelphia one must be able to prove ownership of the vehicle. One can prove ownership of a vehicle by providing the valid vehicle title in their name. If the vehicle title is missing the vehicle registration and bill of sale is required to sell junk cars in Philadelphia .

    Philadelphia laws concentrate on preventing scrap material and parts from being stolen and sold. The theft of scrap metal and parts is a serious problem in Philadelphia, so regulations emphasize controlling the movement of possibly stolen materials. Therefore, to sell a junk car in Philadelphia, you’ll need proof the parts or vehicle were not stolen.

    How does Philadelphia define a junk vehicle?

    According to Philadelphia law, a junk, or salvage, vehicle is not operable and can't meet the equipment and inspection standards that the vehicle is held to. The cost of repairs is expected to exceed the value of the vehicle once repaired. Vehicles considered classics or antiques are not junk vehicles.

    Junk cars are vehicles in such bad shape they’re more valuable for their parts and scrap metal than as working vehicles. They’re known as decrepit cars, scrap cars, jalopies, or junkers. Some junk cars have been wrecked, while others have merely gotten old. Junk cars are usually at least 15 years old unless they’ve been wrecked.

    Junk cars cost more to fix than they’re worth. They’ve been wrecked to the point of being totaled, abandoned for long periods of time, or have serious mechanical problems. The junk car definition in Philadelphia is a little broad, but you usually know a junker when you see one.

    When you find yourself with a junk car, you’ll likely have it removed by a junk car recycling company. These companies break the vehicle down for parts and scrap metal.

    What are the laws around junking a car in Philadelphia?

    Listed below are the six main laws for recycling cars in Philadelphia .

    • Auto Wrecking Yard and Tire Storage License. Required to open a junkyard in Philadelphia
    • Philadelphia Scrapyards and Auto Wrecking: Planning Considerations. Discusses the conditions around current junkyards and studies that have come up with alternatives for junkyard management
    • Scrap Material Theft Prevention - Act 79. Requires scrap metal facilities to register with the Pennsylvania State Police in an effort to reduce trade in stolen metals and parts.
    • Subchapter D. Salvage Vehicles, Theft Vehicles, Reconstructed. Vehicles And Flood Vehicles. Describe the conditions under which a Certificate of Salvage is issued
    • Chapter 73. Abandoned Vehicles And Cargos. Discusses the procedures for dealing with vehicles appearing to be an abandoned, as well as for individuals to reclaim towed vehicles
    • City of Philadelphia Abandoned Vehicle Policy - Defines abandoned vehicles and describes how to report them and when they'll be removed.

    The Philadelphia Scrapyards and Auto Wrecking: Planning Considerations emphasizes the value junkyards bring to the Philadelphia economy. Since junk vehicles have value to the Philadelphia government, the government is highly motivated to tow promptly.

    This may be why the City of Philadelphia Abandoned Vehicle Policy Defines junk vehicles somewhat broadly and encourages citizens to report them. The junk car laws in Philadelphia mean it's important to get fast towing if you want money for junk vehicles here.

    What is the penalty for breaking the Chapter 73. Abandoned Vehicles And Cargos. § 7306. Payment of costs upon reclaiming vehicle in Philadelphia?

    According to Chapter 73. Abandoned Vehicles And Cargos. § 7306. Payment of Costs Upon Reclaiming Vehicle, you could be held responsible for the cost of towing and storage as well as a $50 fee if you attempt to reclaim a vehicle that has been towed. Ask your friends and family “Who buys junk cars in Philadelphia”? if your old car breaks down and you suddenly find yourself needing to have it towed. They'll likely suggest Junk Car Medics to get rid of the vehicle and avoid the penalties.

    Can I get cash for junk cars with no title in Philadelphia?

    Yes, it is possible to sell your car without a title In Philadelphia. In that case, you'll need your registration and license. According to Philadelphia law, you'll need one of the following documents to prove ownership of a vehicle when selling it to Junk Car Medics.

    • Manufacturer Certificate/Statement of Origin
    • Pennsylvania Certificate of Title
    • Out of State Certificate of Title
    • Certificate of Salvage
    • Court Order

    Thanks to the strict towing laws in Philadelphia, you probably feel some pressure to get rid of a junk vehicle quickly. You may be tempted to go ahead and sell the vehicle without a title if you don't have one. However, while you can get cash for cars without title paperwork, you'll get considerably more money with a title.

    Vehicle Titles Percent Value
    Junked Car With Title in Philadelphia 79% $825.19
    Junked Car With Rebuilt Title in Philadelphia 10.75% $1,077.86
    Junked Car With No Title in Philadelphia 10.61% $610.99

    Learn more about selling a car with no title.

    How to get a replacement title in Philadelphia?

    To get a replacement title in Philadelphia, the vehicle owner must fill out Form MV-38O. There can't be any liens on the vehicle. Send the form to PennDOT along with a check or money order. Refer to Form MV-70S, "Bureau of Motor Vehicles Schedule of Fees." to find the fee amount.

    Is it a requirement to notify the DMV when you junk a car in Philadelphia?

    Yes, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania must be notified when you sell, junk, donate, or trade a junk car in Philadelphia because the law states you must transfer the title when you sell the junk car if it has one and return the registration plate to the Pennsylvania State Government unless transferring it to another vehicle.

    On the other hand, you don’t need to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles if your junk car doesn't have a title. Keep in mind you're less likely to get as much as $500 cash for junk cars in Pennsylvania without the title.

    Can I store junk cars on my property in Philadelphia?

    It isn’t legal to keep a junk vehicle on your property in Philadelphia unless you are a licensed junkyard. However, issues are less likely if a vehicle is properly shielded from view.

    Block the vehicle from public view completely, ideally in a designated building. In some circumstances, a soft cover designed for the make and model of the junk vehicle is a good option. Keep in mind that hiding scrap cars in Philadelphia is a challenge, since the city is so motivated to find them.

    Can I sell my car for parts in Philadelphia?

    Yes, you can sell your car for parts in Philadelphia. Often, a car’s parts and scrap metal add up to more value than the car is worth on the market, even if the car is still running. Assuming you have the skills to remove valuable parts, there's lots of money to be made selling them in Philadelphia.

    Follow four simple steps to sell a car for parts. First, seek out car part buyers. Why go through the effort of removing an engine or transmission without anywhere to sell it? There are lots of auto scrapyards in Philadelphia willing to buy parts, so it's more a question of finding the best price than finding someone who will buy the part.

    Second, carefully remove and clean the parts. More money can be gotten for parts appearing clean and in good condition. Third, sell the car parts for the best price you can find in Philadelphia. Fourth, sell the remaining shell of the scrap car to a junkyard or metal recycling facility. It's not hard to sell a car for parts, as long as you have the skill and knowledge required. Here's everything you need to know to sell a car for parts.

    Is it possible to junk a car with a lien in Philadelphia?

    It isn't possible to junk a car with a lien in Philadelphia. For the title to be in your name, the car must be totally paid off. It’s not you but the financial institution who owns the car if there is still money owed. The remaining balance has to be paid off to junk a car for cash in Philadelphia. It's essential to pay off any liens on a vehicle to get a replacement title in Philadelphia.

    Common Questions When Selling Junk Cars in Philadelphia with JUNK CAR MEDICS

    Yes, Junk Car Medics pays cash for cars in Philadelphia . Junk Car Medics is known to pay more cash for cars and junk cars in Philadelphia compared to other junk car buyers. Sellers of junk cars will be paid with a guaranteed check at the time of vehicle removal.

    You will be paid for your junk car upon vehicle removal in Philadelphia unless otherwise stated ahead of time.

    Yes, Junk Car Medics offers free junk car removal and junk car pickup in Philadelphia and all surrounding areas. Junk Car Medics’ coverage area includes all suburbs and neighborhoods of Philadelphia including these.

    • Port Richmond - Long populated by a largely Polish Community, this neighborhood is full of Polish markets, bakeries, and delis.
    • Camden Waterfront - Commercial district with lots of entertainment centers on the Delaware River
    • Strawberry Mansion - Affluent neighborhood bordering East Fairmount Park
    • Tinicum Township - On the far south end of Philadelphia, this township is often known as “The Island,” and is located between the Delaware River and the Derby Creek
    • East Falls - Fun casual restaurants, trendy cafes, and two universities define this interesting neighborhood.
    • Kingsessing - Bordering Bartram's Garden and the Schuylkill River, this is a pleasant residential community

    Rapid, professional junk car towing is available no matter the location in or around Philadelphia. Have total confidence pick up for your jalopy will occur as scheduled. When you see a tow truck coming for your old car, you want It to be junk car removal for cash, not the city coming to tow the vehicle at your expense.

    Yes, Junk Car Medics is willing to pay cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, even without a title. Philadelphia law requires your registration and license as well as another approved document to sell a junk vehicle without a title. Assuming there's no lien on the vehicle, it's simple to get a replacement title in Philadelphia by filling out Form MV-38O. While it's possible to sell a vehicle without a title, you lose money on the deal. A duplicate title can raise the value of a junk vehicle by as much as $132.

    Junk Car Medics uses seven distinct values to determine how much cash for junk cars in Philadelphia to offer. This proprietary system rapidly generates appraisals either over the phone or online. All that's required is the vehicle's condition and details. Our quote system automatically takes into account current junk car prices in Philadelphia and all the factors affecting junk car value to develop your unique offer.

    Yes Junk Car Medics salvages cars in Philadelphia. Junk Car Medics buys salvage cars for cash and properly recycles them. Get the best price to sell a salvage car with Junk Car Medics. Junk cars in Philadelphia are towed quickly, so don't delay. Get money instead of paying for towing expenses by contacting Junk Car Medics.

    Everything to Know About The Junk Car Industry in Philadelphia?

    According to the City Biz Philadelphia General Business Publications, there are approximately 646,438 vehicles in Philadelphia. This means Philadelphia has one of the lowest densities of cars for the population of any large U.S. city.

    Only about 56% of people drive to work in Philadelphia, as opposed to a US average of 84%. 1% to 2% of registered vehicles are estimated to be junk cars. Junk cars in Philadelphia are usually about 18 years old and have around 100,000 miles. There are at least forty junk car buyers in Philadelphia.

    More of a junk car can be recycled than anything else produced in the US, and the parts and metals in junk cars are some of the most valuable recyclable materials. Although Philadelphia has some of the fewest vehicles of any large city, every vehicle on Philadelphia roads will eventually become a decrepit car, or end-of-life vehicle.

    End of Life Vehicles (ELV) are in high demand because the metal and parts in them are valuable for the steel and auto manufacturing industries. Since Philadelphia has some factories and industrial areas, these metal and parts are valuable locally and able to boost the local economy. Junk cars in Pennsylvania are highly valuable, so don't let yours go to waste.


    When to junk a car in Philadelphia?

    In Philadelphia you should junk a car when it meets the City of Philadelphia Abandoned Vehicle Policy abandoned junk vehicle definition. Vehicles that are inoperable, have missing parts, or are a public hazard due to the damage they've received are quickly towed, so junk the vehicle while you have a chance. You should junk a car when you no longer feel safe driving it and it is damaged beyond repair.

    Information about City of Philadelphia and Junk Vehicles

    Philadelphia is located along the Delaware River, which acts as the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Jenkintown is to the northwest and Springfield to the south.

    The mayor of Philadelphia is Jim Kenney and the governor is Tom Wolf. Philadelphia is one of the least wealthy cities in the country. It produces liquefied propane, saturated acyclic hydrocarbons, and ferrous waste or scrap. The most common jobs are cashier, internship, and sales associate. Philadelphia has an unemployment rate of 10.6% against the US average of 6%.

    Philadelphia has a population of 1.582 million, but there are only approximately 645,000 vehicles in the city. The vast majority of vehicles in Philadelphia end up as junk vehicles thanks to Philadelphia's strict junk recycling laws.

    Philadelphia is among the U.S. cities with the fewest cars. Despite Philadelphia being a big U.S. city, it only has over 645,000 vehicles. People in Philadelphia often rely on public transportation, ride-sharing, or biking.

    Although Philadelphia doesn’t have many cars compared to other cities, laws managing the junk car industry in Philadelphia drives most of those vehicles to end up being junk vehicles when they are no longer functional. Therefore, while there are fewer cars in Philadelphia than you’d expect, the junk car industry is robust.

    When seeking out a junk vehicle buyer in Philadelphia, make sure you are able to get a quote over the phone or online. You need a quote quickly and easily to compare different companies and make sure you're getting the best price for your junk vehicle.

    The cost of living is quite high in Philadelphia. Furthermore, the relative scarcity of vehicles means your junk vehicle has more value here than in locations swamped with junk vehicles, so expect decent prices for junk vehicles in Philadelphia.

    How many junk cars are recycled a year in Philadelphia?

    It isn't clear how many junk cars are recycled every year in Philadelphia. However, the strict environmental and economic junk car laws in Philadelphia make it likely nearly every vehicle here will eventually be recycled. The City of Philadelphia Abandoned Vehicle Policy encourages citizens to report abandoned vehicles and makes it easy for them to do so, which means almost all vehicles will be recycled here even if their owners abandon them.

    Does cash for clunkers exist in Philadelphia?

    The cash for clunkers program does not exist in Philadelphia anymore. The program was an old program to remove junk cars and clunkers from the road. The goal was to replace old vehicles with newer vehicles that have less emissions and are better for the environment.

    How does Philadelphia vehicle recycling and disposal help the environment?

    Vehicle recycling in Philadelphia helps the environment because it prevents vehicles from rusting away and polluting the water and land in Philadelphia. It's extremely important that rust and pollutants don't end up in the Delaware River or its tributaries. This is why Philadelphia has such strict laws governing junkyards and the disposal of junk vehicles. Not only is there plenty of cash for cars in Philadelphia, but recycling scrap cars is the right thing to do for the environment. When you think to yourself, “I could sell my junk car for $500 in Philadelphia or let it rust away, polluting the environment,” the decision to call a junk car buyer is easy.

    Can I junk my RV, motorcycle, or bicycle in Philadelphia?

    Only cars, trucks, and other vehicles with a motor and used for standard transportation can be junked in Philadelphia. Motorcycles, campers, boats, and bicycles don't fit into the highly specific junk car recycling process, and therefore are unlikely to be bought by junk car buyers. When you ask nearby junkyards “Who buys junk cars near me?” You'll get plenty of offers. However, finding someone to buy an old bike or boat is more challenging.

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