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Throughout the Sooner State, you're not going to get better cash for junk cars than at Junk Car Medics. We're talking about a fast and uncomplicated customer-oriented operation.

We're Here to Get You Cash

Throughout Oklahoma, we take junk cars in all conditions and turn them into pure cash. How much you get depends on the vehicle and condition, but we promise you'll get a fair market price. You'll be in a better position to get that new ride you've been dreaming about. Or to take a smooth, relaxing vacay or just pay some bills.

Our job is to make getting rid of your junk car easy. It's about removal, pick up, towing, instant quotes, and more. Whatever it takes to provide you with a no-fuss-no-muss transaction that puts cash in your hands NOW. 

We have a network of auto salvage partners. We work with reputable junk car buyers and keep tabs on car auctions to get the best prices. 

We've developed a streamlined process that walks you through every aspect of the sale. From acquiring the registration and title to showing up at your earliest convenience to pick up the vehicle, we're ready. SUV, motorcycle, old truck. We'll pay cash and get that junker off your property ASAP.

Why Junk Car Medics

Same day service or when you want us to come by. Our massive network of partners all over Oklahoma ensures we can take care of you right away. You're going to get instant cash on delivery or pick up — guaranteed! 

And it all revolves around picking up the phone or going online to reach out to Junk Car Medics. Just provide a little vehicle info, get your quote, and GET YOUR CASH!

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