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Mississippi is full of southern charm, beautiful beaches, and delicious home cooking. Mississippi is a wonderful state for growing families. There's no lack of recreation available, including several state parks like Paul B. Johnson in the Pine Belt. And with all that space, we go through our fair share of vehicles, some of us faster than others.

Mississippi is full of gorgeous open roads just made for weekend drives, but if you're cruising down Highway 90, enjoying the ocean air off the Gulf, you don't want to be trapped in a junk car like a 94 Toyota Corolla. You need a car that can let you experience the beauty of the scenic highway without having to worry about breaking down.

Junk cars are often well-used and well-loved, but there comes a day when it's time to let the junk car go and find a new, more reliable vehicle. If you have a junk car that you're ready to get rid of, we give cash offers and buy junk cars.

When getting rid of a junk car, you may be worried about getting the best price for your car. Junk Car Medics gives you the best price for your car and won't try to undercut you. We work with local salvage yards and junk car buyers to get you a great offer. Check us out for a free quote with no obligations.

We help you get the money you need to buy a new car and continue enjoying your life in Mississippi because the last thing you want is to be stranded without the ability to care for your family or see the beautiful countryside. 

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