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Junk Car Medics buys junk cars in Warren of all vehicle types and conditions for cash.

The Junk car industry in Warren is big. According to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, there were 203,800 total auto jobs in Michigan accounting for 3.57% dependency on the auto industry for jobs in 2018. The industry registered a total of $20.6 billion in total car sales in 2018 and 606, 500 total new cars sold in 2018. Michigan State’s tax venue amounted to $760.5 million for used vehicle sales taxes and $297.5 million in sales tax on auto parts and services in 2018. The total number of registered vehicles in Michigan was 8.7 million in 2018. However, not all junk cars are registered and the number could be higher. The Michigan average age of vehicles is 10.71 years.  With so many vehicles on the road, the number of junk cars is high. Automotive companies have offices and manufacturing facilities all over Michigan. General Motors, Honda, and Stellantis have facilities in Warren. The presence of a thriving automotive industry creates opportunities for the junk car industry to thrive. Scrap metal is recycled for use in the production of new cars. The market for recycling junk cars is huge since End of Life Vehicles (ELV) are in high demand throughout the steel and auto manufacturing industries and for salvaging auto parts. Compared to the national yearly income of about $32 billion, the Michigan junk vehicle sector has an annual revenue of $976 million. In Michigan, there are thought to be 5,084,005 automobiles. 8% of those are junk cars. The junk car sector makes up a significant portion of the economy.

The average junk car in Warren:

  • is 17 years old (2005)
  • has 155,080 miles
  • has a value of $407.20

Here are some more stats on junk cars in Warren:

  • 52% do not drive
  • 36% do not start
  • 52% have body damage
  • 32% have no title

At Junk Car Medics we pay cash for cars in Warren in all conditions. We buy junk cars for cash - damaged, wrecked, totaled, old, scrap, clunkers and non-running cars in Warren.

The junk cars that we buy for cash in Warren include damaged cars, wrecked cars, totaled cars, old cars with high mileage, non-running cars, scrap cars, and clunker junkers.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Warren in Any Condition

Warren junk car removal is the dismantling of damaged cars and reusing some components that are in good condition. Warren junk car removal involves disassembly of the junk car to remove major components like engines, transmission, fuel lines hood, bumper, trunk, doors, seats, and electronics.  Junking a vehicle involves towing scrap cars to junk yards for dismantling and salvaging of parts. Reusable components are sold for use in other cars and old metal parts are crushed and sold for recycling by scrap metal dealers. The process of manufacturing and production of vehicles usually involves extracting raw materials from natural resources. Steel, Aluminum, Lead, Copper, plastic, and glass are refined in an energy-intensive process to achieve standards set for automotive applications. Junk car salvaging for cash avails these materials without requiring a lot of energy or emitting pollutants. Old car models contain hazardous chemicals like Mercury. Emissions from old cars spew toxins into the atmosphere contributing to environmental pollution. Junk car removal in Warren reduces environmental pollution, creates jobs for salvage companies, and generates revenue for the state of Michigan.

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    Step 3: Schedule junk car removal in Warren
    Step 4: Get paid cash upon pickup of the junk car.

    Junk Car Offers

    First Time Selling a Junk Car?

    I've put together a guide on how to sell a junk car. Let me walk you through the steps of selling a junk car.  

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    Why Choose Junk Car Medics in Warren?

    Junk Car Medics is a fast, simple, and painless way to junk cars for cash in Warren. I invite you to get an offer to junk your car in Warren and put our service against anyone!

    Todd Bialaszewski - Junk Car Medics

    Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Warren

    Who buys junk cars in Warren?

    Listed below are the eight best places that buy junk cars in Warren.

    1. Junk Car Medics. They offer the best prices for junk cars in Warren. They have a location in Warren among others in Michigan. Junk Car Medics work with nearby towing service providers to reduce the carbon footprint of their company.
    2. Competition Scrap, Junk Car Buyers
    3. Cash for Cars A-1 Abbeys Cash for Junk Car
    4. Annual Towing & Scrap Car Removal Cash for Junk Cars
    5. D1 Junkers cash for junk cars.
    6. Sell My Junk Car for Cash Warren
    7. Keith's Cash for Junk Cars
    8. Hollywood Auto

    How to choose a junk car buyer in Warren?

    Listed below are five basic steps to follow when selecting scrap car buyers.

    1. Identify the nearest junk car buyer. The closer their location the more cash is given for junk cars.
    2. Go through their reviews on the internet. Make sure they are reputable dealers with good ratings.
    3. Evaluate costs with respect to other dealers.
    4. Mode of payment.
    5. Customer service.

    The above steps guarantee a selection of the best junk car buyers.

    What is the best junk car buyer in Warren?

    Listed below are the three best junk car buyers in Warren.

    1. Junk Car Medics. One of the most well-known junk car buyers in Warren, Junk Car Medics has nothing but glowing ratings. In Warren, we purchase trash vehicles for cash and keep the sale and the car in your state. You save time by using Junk Car Medics to receive the greatest pay for your junk automobiles in Warren. Ten locations are available to assist you.
    2. TK Junk Cars. They are well-liked in the community in Warren and offer excellent payment for Warren trash automobiles. They will only accept a vehicle, though, if its title is clear, salvage, or scrap. Old registrations are accepted, but the title must be legitimate and indicate the vendor as the owner
    3. Mr. Lee’s Scrap Car Buyers. This junkyard in Warren, which is in White Lake Charter Township, offers maximum dollars for nearby junk cars. Their ratings demonstrate great customer service and reasonable pricing.

    Do junkyards in Warren buy junk cars for cash?

    Yes. However, the best course of action would be to phone ahead and inquire as to whether Warren junkyards and auto salvage yards buy junk automobiles. This is an opportunity to find out company requirements, opening and closing times, or changes in policy or terms of service.

    Do wrecking yards in Warren buy cars for cash?

    Yes. Tulsa auto wrecking yards buy vehicles. For confirmation, it is essential to give each wrecking yard a call. This serves to verify whether or not the company is still in business. Company policies change. Making an inquiry over the phone helps to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

    What is the best junkyard in Warren?

    Listed below are the six best junkyards in Warren.

    1. Junk Car Medics
    2. O’Rilley Auto Parts
    3. Pacific Motors
    4. Revive Auto Repair
    5. Macomb Scrap & Auto Salvage
    6. Neuner's Automotive Recyclers

    What are scrap car prices near me in Warren?

    The current average scrap car price in Warren is $407.

    The most wanted junk car in Warren is the 2001 Mercury Sable averaging $460 cash for scrap cars. Remember that scrap car prices in Warren fluctuate depending on several factors, so it is important to get an accurate quote from Junk Car Medics at the time of selling your junk car.

    Average Junk Car Price
    in Warren

    Average Prices For Top 10 Junk Cars in Warren

    Here are the 10 most popular junk cars in Warren:

    1. 2001 Mercury Sable - $460.00
    2. 2008 Pontiac G6 - $350.00
    3. 1996 Ford Explorer - $505.00
    4. 2001 Honda Civic - $390.00
    5. 2009 Pontiac Vibe - $495.00
    6. 2013 Ford Focus - $920.00
    7. 2004 Pontiac Aztek - $450.00
    8. 2002 Cadillac DeVille - $505.00
    9. 2002 Chevrolet Venture - $460.00
    10. 2002 Dodge Intrepid - $280.00

    Warren Junk Cars With The Highest Values

    Here are the top 10 valued junk cars in Warren

    1. Jeep Grand Cherokee - $982.50
    2. Volkswagen Golf - $920.00
    3. Ford Focus - $920.00
    4. Chevrolet Monte Carlo - $545.00
    5. GMC Yukon Denali - $530.00
    6. Cadillac DeVille - $505.00
    7. Ford Explorer - $505.00
    8. Pontiac Vibe - $495.00
    9. Mercury Sable - $460.00
    10. Chevrolet Venture - $460.00

    Remember that current scrap car prices fluctuate depending on several factors, it is important to get a quote from Junk Car Medics to get an accurate price for you junker in Warren.

    What factors impact junk car values in Warren?

    Listed below are the seven major factors that impact the value of a scrap car in Warren.

    1. The value of a junk car in Warren depends on the vehicle's year, manufacture, and model.
    2. The value is influenced by the car's condition and whether it can be driven in Warren.
    3. No matter if the car's priceless components are still in condition and in demand in Warren.
    4. The value is impacted by the vehicle's weight in scrap metal.
    5. Value is impacted by scrap metal prices in Warren.
    6. Although a title is required in Warren, there are alternative ways to confirm a vehicle's ownership. In Warren, though, the value plummets significantly without a title.
    7. In Warren, the value of your car depends on where it is located.

    The pricing of junk cars in Warren is significantly influenced by each of the seven variables.

    How do junk car prices in Warren compare to other cities?

    The average junk car price in Warren is $407. The average junk car price in Michigan is $481. Comparatively, the national average price of a junk car is $617. Therefore, Warren pays $74 less for junk cars than the Michigan average and $210 less for junk cars than the national average.

    Here are nearby cities that pay more for junk cars than Warren:

    View recent junk car values in Warren


    Can I sell my junk car for $500 cash in Warren?

    Yes. In Warren, you may sell a trash car for $500 cash. Currently, the cost of a junk car is considerable due to factors that affect its worth. The value of junk cars for cash can easily reach $500 when market conditions are right. It is possible to sell a junk car for $500.

    Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price Title Mileage Driveable?
    2010 Chrysler Town & Country 48088 02-26-2021 $805 Clean 81000 Yes
    2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 48089 11-29-2021 $520 Clean 210000 Yes
    2006 Nissan Armada 48089 12-20-2021 $600 Clean 143000 No
    2006 Pontiac Montana SV6 48089 12-05-2021 $520 Clean 172000 Yes
    2011 Chevrolet Malibu 48089 03-18-2021 $540 Clean 120000 No
    2000 Jeep Cherokee 48089 11-03-2021 $540 Clean 214000 Yes
    2004 Chevrolet Impala 48089 04-08-2021 $585 Clean 160000 Yes
    1996 Ford Explorer 48089 07-17-2022 $505 Clean 230000 No
    2007 Jeep Patriot 48091 07-10-2021 $505 Clean 182000 No
    2010 Saturn Outlook 48091 04-07-2021 $625 Clean 142000 No
    2010 Saturn Outlook 48091 07-29-2021 $575 Clean 140000 No
    2004 GMC Yukon Denali 48091 07-12-2022 $530 Clean 257000 Yes
    2004 Ford F-150 48091 08-06-2021 $885 Clean 167000 Yes
    2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer 48091 11-05-2021 $545 Clean 200000 No
    2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 48092 05-12-2022 $545 Clean 76000 Yes

    How much Can You Sell Your Car For in Warren?

    What do I need to sell my junk car in Warren?

    One requires two things to sell a junk car in Warren. Firstly, one requires proof of ownership of the scrap car. Secondly, a title for the junk car. This is a requirement by the State of Michigan.

    How does Warren define a junk vehicle?

    According to Section 248 of the Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.248), a distressed vehicle is a late-model vehicle with one or more major parts that has been wrecked, destroyed, damaged, stolen, or missing to the extent that the estimated cost to repair the vehicle, including parts and labor, is 75% or more of the vehicle’s pre-damaged cash value. For late-model vehicles, a salvage title is required if the estimated cost of repairs is 75% or more but less than 91% of the pre-damaged cash value. For late-model vehicles, a scrap title is required if the estimated cost of repairs is 91% or more of the pre-damaged cash value. This is the junk car definition.

    What are the laws around junking a car in Warren?

    Warren’s laws regarding scrap cars are found in Michigan’s scrap metal regulatory act 429 of 2008. The act regulates the buying and selling of scrap metal items containing ferrous materials. Scrap metal dealers require a license to operate in the state. A license from the Bureau of Regulatory Services (BRS) of the Michigan Department of State is necessary when buying vehicles to shred them for scrap metal. The licenses are categorized as class C, F, H & R Licenses. Only Michigan dealers with a C, F, H, or R license classification are permitted to trade with salvage and scrap titled automobiles and salvageable parts, according to Section 248 of the Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.248). Licensed dealers are the only employers permitted to have Licensed Salvage Vehicle Agents. Salvage Vehicle Agents are authorized by the Michigan Department of State to buy and sell scrap cars. According to the Michigan Vehicle Code Act 300 of 1949, scrap cars are issued with titles in Warren. When a damaged car is declared totaled, salvage or junk titles are granted. Licensed Salvage Vehicle Agents must acquire a salvage or scrap title when they purchase junk cars without titles. The application for a junk title is carried out within five days of acquiring the junk car. Individuals cannot buy or sell junk cars in Warren without a salvage or scrap title. Purchase of junk cars for cash is done only by registered Salvage Vehicle Agents from a reputable licensed company. The Salvage Vehicle Agents only represent their dealership when buying salvage cars or parts. When a dealer's license expires, their Salvage Vehicle Agent's license does. Both the dealer and the agent apply to renew their licenses. Therefore, in Warren, to sell a junk car in Warren, one must adhere to the rules set forth by Michigan State, which stipulates that a junk car seller must first produce a title or other proof of ownership and that a junk car buyer must retain all records of his transactions.

    What is the penalty for breaking the junk car regulations in Warren?

    The state of Michigan has stern rules and regulations regarding junk cars. In Michigan, fines can reach $1,000, fees range from $9 to $500, and sentences can last up to a year. Sometimes prison terms are suspended in exchange for community work and a period of probation.

    Can I get cash for junk cars with no title in Warren?

    In Warren, you need a title to junk a car. The state of Michigan offers a variety of alternatives for title replacement to facilitate the sale of junk cars and salvage parts to junk car buyers in Warren. A person is not able to rubbish the car when they aren't the owner named on the most recent certificate of title and don't have it. It is impossible to receive cash for cars with no title.

    Vehicle Titles Percent Value
    Junked Car With Title in Warren 60% $510.67
    Junked Car With Rebuilt Title in Warren 8% $982.50
    Junked Car With No Title in Warren 32% $69.38

    Learn more about selling a car with no title.

    How to get a replacement title in Warren?

    According to, the application can be done online or in person. When applying for a new title for their car in Michigan State, a vehicle owner must first bring the seven documents stated below with them.

    1. Form 701-07, Application for Replacement Certificate of Title for Vehicle, must be notarized.
    2. Number for Vehicle Identification (VIN)
    3. Number on the current registration decal
    4. Evidence of Ownership
    5. Present registration documents
    6. Driver's license or a valid ID
    7. A replacement cost of $11 plus a $1.55 fee for applications submitted by mail.

    If a replacement is being done by mail, one must then complete the four steps listed below after making sure they have all the necessary documentation in Warren.

    1. Complete and sign Form 701-7, "Notarized,"
    2. Include copies of any necessary paperwork.
    3. Include a $12.55 check payable to the Michigan Tax Commission.
    4. Send it to the Motor Vehicle Division of the Michigan Tax Commission.

    After making sure they have all the required papers, one must proceed with the four steps outlined below if a replacement is being done by mail.

    1. Fill out and sign the "Notarized" Form 701-7.
    2. Include copies of any papers that are required.
    3. A $12.55 check made out to the Michigan Tax Commission should be included.
    4. Send it to the Michigan Tax Commission's Motor Vehicle Division.

    There are five steps to get a duplicate title in Michigan online that are listed below in Warren.

    1. Visit Choose online services.
    2. Have your ID, credit, or debit card. $15 is payable for the duplicate title.
    3. Select vehicle transactions
    4. Select “Request a Duplicate Title.”
    5. Follow the steps as outlined. It only takes a few minutes.

    Is it a requirement to notify the DMV when you junk a car in Warren?

    Yes. Individuals must inform the Michigan Department of Motor Vehicles when they sell, scrap, donate, or swap a junk car in Warren since it is required to keep a record of the ownership changes for all vehicles registered in the state. To establish ownership, one must complete forms that will be authorized by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Can I store junk cars on my property in Warren?

    There are three effective methods of shielding junk cars from public view. Firstly, keep it in the garage. This is the best method because it provides complete enclosure safely and privately in a house.  Secondly, completely cover it in a tarp. Unless it is deliberately uncovered, the junk car is well shielded under the tarp. Finally, enclosing the junk car behind a fence keeps it well hidden and out of public view. There is no obligation to provide anyone access to a walled area that is at least 6 to 8 feet high and entirely hidden from view.

    Can I sell my car for parts in Warren?

    Yes. In Warren, one can sell their car for parts, particularly if they know how to extract the highly valuable and in-demand car components. These components can be taken out and sold separately for higher prices. This is how you sell a car for parts. More about where to sell car parts for cash near you.

    Is it possible to junk a car with a lien in Warren?

    In Warren, it is not possible to junk a car that has a lien. For the title to be in one’s name, a car must be paid off. Even though they still owe money on it, the lending company is the owner of the vehicle. Before an individual gets cash for junking an automobile in Warren, you must pay off the outstanding debt.

    Common Questions When Selling Junk Cars in Warren with JUNK CAR MEDICS

    Yes, they do. Junk Car Medics pay cash for cars in Warren. They are known to pay more cash for cars and junk cars in Warren than their competitors.  At the moment of vehicle removal, junk car sellers are compensated with a guaranteed check.

    You will be paid for your junk car upon vehicle removal in Warren.

    Yes. Junk Car Medics provide free pick-up and junk car removal in Warren’s neighborhoods.  These places include Bear Creek Village, Beierman Farms, Belangers Garden, Bella Vista Estates, Berkshire Manor, Blossom, Downtown, East Detroit, Fairlane Estates, Fitzgerald, Lorraine, North Warren, Northampton Square, Van Dyke, Warren Con, Warren Woods, and Warrendale.

    Yes, they do. According to the regulations issued by Michigan State, a title is required to junk a car. If the title is missing, there are options to facilitate title replacement.

    Junk Car Medics consider seven main things when appraising junk cars in Warren.

    1. The model of the vehicle.
    2. The value of the salvageable parts. A junk car with more valuable parts receives a better appraisal.
    3. The intactness of valuable parts affects their demand and value in Warren.
    4. The weight of the vehicle scrap metal. Higher weight increases the value of the junk car.
    5. The current price of scrap metal in Warren impacts value.
    6. The location of the junk car impacts its value.
    7. Possession of vehicle title. There are alternative methods of ownership verification. However, without a title the value of a junk car significantly reduces.

    Junk car medics evaluate cars based on the aforementioned seven values. Online and over-the-phone junk car appraisals are produced by Junk Car Medics using a unique system. Enter the information about the car, and the best offer from Junk Car Medics will be displayed right away. To calculate your offer, our quote engine considers both the elements that influence junk car value and the current junk car pricing in Warren.

    Junk Car Medics is a well-known junk car buyer in Warren with glowing ratings. In Warren, we buy junk cars for cash. You save time by using Junk Car Medics to receive the greatest cash for junk cars.

    Everything to Know About The Junk Car Industry in Warren?

    In 2016, the most recent year for which data is available, there were 3.2 million registered vehicles in Warren. Not all junk cars are registered, so it is difficult to determine how many junk cars are in Warren. The law controlling trash car purchasers in Warren is fairly tight. Warren does not have any other options besides selling a junk car without a title, in contrast to other states. No matter whom you are selling your junk car to, a title is required to sell.

    There are approximately 5,084,005 vehicles in Michigan. 8% of them are junk vehicles. The junk car industry makes up a significant portion of the economy. This is what should be known about junk cars in Michigan.

    When to junk a car in Warren?

    According to the regulations issued by the State of Michigan, damaged cars are junked when they are no longer safely operational and are uneconomical to maintain. A salvage car in Warren is one whose estimated cost of repairs is 75% or more but less than 91% of the pre-damaged cash value. A scrap car is one whose estimated cost of repairs is 91% or more of the pre-damaged cash value. Once a junk car is issued a salvage or scrap title it needs to be junked.

    Information about City of Warren and Junk Vehicles

    Warren is the largest city in Macomb County, the third largest city in Michigan State, and Metro Detroit’s largest suburb. According to the 2020 census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, Warren is ranked 195th most populated city in the USA. It has a population of 139,387 individuals, which is a 4% increase from 134387 residents as per the 2010 census. The city’s population has an average of 38.4 years and 51.27% of them are women, compared to 48.73% of men. Residents of Warren who were not born in the US make up 9.9% of the population, compared to 85.5% of the total. Furthermore, noncitizens make up 4.61% of the population. The top six ancestries in Warren were Polish and German. Irish, Italian, English, and French. Warren’s population doubled every 10 years between 1940 and 1970 and has been declining ever since. The official population of Warren Township was 22,146 in 1940; it was 42,653 in 1950; it reached 89,240 in 1960 after Warren Township became the City of Warren, and it reached 179,260 in 1970. Since 1970, Warren's population has steadily decreased at one of the nation's fastest rates. Between 1980 and 1990, when the population was 161,060 and 144,864, it fell by 10%. Between 1990 and 2000, it fell by 4.6%.  According to the Warren Annual Financial Report, there are five main employers in the city. Firstly, General Motors employs approximately 23,000 individuals. Second, the Government of the United States has about 8650 employees. Thirdly, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles employs about 4800 residents of Warren city. The fourth top employer is Ascension Health with 3350 employees. Lastly, Dana Corp ranks as the fifth biggest employer with 880 employees. In Warren, there are 70.31 percent white-collar employees and 296.9 percent blue-collar employees. Making up 5.99% of the workforce in Warren are 3,748 business owners, 49,017 people employed by private businesses, and 5,140 people employed by governmental organizations. Warren's median household income is $51,796 annually, compared to an average yearly household income of $66,114. The median income in the area is $53,881 for those aged 25 to 44, and $61,111 for those aged 45 to 64. The incomes of individuals over 65 and those under 25 are lower, at $33,510 and $40,929, respectively.

    The top three ways for people to travel to work in Warren are by automobile, bus or trolley bus, and on foot. A total of 56,772 residents drive themselves to work, 559 choose to take the bus or trolley, and 487 choose to walk. The impact of Junkyards on Warren’s economy is not investigated. There are, however, several salvage yards in Warren, for example, Macomb Scrap & Auto salvage Co. and Macomb Auto Salvage. The state of Michigan regulates the automotive salvage industry by issuing an Automotive Recycler License known as class R. A licensed automotive recycler dealer buys or acquires late model major parts and resells them either at wholesale or retail prices. The dealer dismantle vehicles for parts, selling any remainder as scrap. Class R dealers need a Salvage Agent license. All dealers are licensed by the Michigan Department of State.

    Does cash for clunkers exist in Warren?

    No. the program does not exist anymore. The state of Michigan's Cash for Clunkers program was a part of a wider federal initiative to remove the numerous abandoned cars that are parked on public and private property throughout the country. That program has since ended. The Michigan Cash for Clunkers program's funding has long since run out, and the state has not implemented a replacement.

    How does Warren vehicle recycling and disposal help the environment?

    Recycling reduces exposure of the environment to toxins. Depletion of natural resources is reduced through automobile recycling. Oil may be saved by recycling junk cars and then used to produce new car parts and other goods. Given that Warren is an important automotive hub in the US and is thus directly impacted, this is particularly significant for the city. In addition to posing a risk to the environment, old cars leaks dangerous substances like mercury, which is a significant contaminant of the soil and environment and can be detrimental to humans when they come into touch with it. Junk automobiles are extremely unsightly when left to deteriorate in the open, destroying nature in the city.

    Can I junk my RV, motorcycle, or bicycle in Warren?

    The removal of trash automobiles does not include the removal of any other vehicles or non-motorized transportation. Motorcycles, boats, tents, and bicycles are not purchased by junk car buyers since they don't fit within their buying process.

    Where can you buy junk cars in Warren?

    Check Craigslist and the neighborhood classifieds for trash car buyers in Warren. Junk automobiles are not sold by regular car dealerships or car buyers. If an automobile is not in working order, junk car buyers rarely sell junk cars. Your best choice if you're looking for a part for a car is Craigslist, local forums, or classified ads. Add more detail and substance to that.

    What is the Warren cash-for-cars program?

    Warren’s Cash for Cars program is a program that recycles unwanted, unneeded, and broken-down vehicles that are beyond repair in exchange for cash. Cash for cars program covers neighborhoods in Warren like Bear Creek Village, Beierman Farms, Belangers Garden, Bella Vista Estates, Berkshire Manor, Blossom, Downtown, East Detroit, Fairlane Estates, Fitzgerald, Lorraine, North Warren, Northampton Square, Van Dyke, Warren Con, Warren Woods, and Warrendale.

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