We Buy Junk Cars For Cash In Kansas

We buy junk cars for cash in Kansas.  We buy junk cars in Kansas that are wrecked, no longer on the road, beyond repair, or simply needs to be taken to a salvage yard.  Getting cash for junk cars in Kansas is the act of getting paid to junk a car that is unwanted. Junk cars in Kansas have functioning car parts to be resold to those who are looking for replacements for such parts. On the other side, any components that aren't usable, be melted down into metal scrap, and then sold to businesses that recycle metal. Kansas junk car removal process is the removal of a vehicle by tow truck or flatbed, and then taken to the junkyard to be stripped down and recycled.

Kansas junk car removal deals in the salvaging and removal of junk cars, which are typically called scrapyards, has recycling components within the junkyard itself. Scrapyards in Kansas are capable of dismantling all types of metals and recycling them into useful components such as Byron, steel, brass, copper, element, zinc, and so on. Junk car removal in Kansas pays cash for cars, whether they are used or junk. They have competitive offers, and pick up and tow the vehicle away without extra charge.

Junk Car Medics takes care of your junk car no matter where you’re located in Kansas. We have locations in Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe and more.

Junk car removal is an important feature of the Kansas economy and offers environmental protection. In fact, junk cars that have been completely stripped of fluids and corrosive elements are often used with the approval of the Kansas government to strengthen embankments along streams.

Therefore, junk cars are actively helpful for environmental conservation in Kansas. According to Kansas law, inoperable vehicles cannot be left on the street and selling parts and junk metal yourself requires lots of documentation, so it's best to seek out a junk car removal company if you have a car that needs to be disposed of.

Kansas Auto Facts

What is the Kansas cash for junk cars program?

The Kansas cash for junk cars program discourages individuals from trying to sell their own parts and metal from junk cars. Laws governing Kansas junk yards are relatively strict. Lots of effort is put into ensuring that cars that are sold for metal and parts have not been stolen.

A copy of the title needs to accompany even major parts of cars that are sold. If scrap metal is sold without the correct documentation, serious fines may apply. Kansas provides a useful avenue for junk cars once they have been stripped of all of their useful components by allowing for junk cars to be used along stream embankments to prevent soil erosion.

In this way, Kansas directly recycles even the parts of its junk cars that cannot be reused or sold as metal. In Kansas, car wrecking and disposal means individuals selling their vehicle to a junkyard where it is thoroughly stripped of all useful parts before the car is used to prevent soil erosion.

What are the Kansas car recycling laws?

Listed below are the five main car recycling laws in Kansas.

  • Kansas Junkyard and Salvage Control Act Chapter 68. A junkyard, or automobile graveyard, is defined as any establishment with ten or more junk vehicles.
  • 2019 Statute 8-1,137. A junk car must have a title when it is sold as salvage. When major parts of the vehicle are sold by the junkyard, a copy of the title accompany's the part.
  • 2017 Statute 50-6,110. Serious fines between $100 and $5,000 may apply if scrap metal from junk cars is sold without the proper documentation, so it's best to go through a certified junk car removal company.
  • Article VI. - Automobile Salvage and Junk Yards. Businesses defined as junk yards must have a fence of at least eight feet high made of wooden planks to block out the view.
  • Chapter 10.20 Inoperable and abandoned vehicles. Junk cars can’t be left on the street, so if your vehicle is inoperable, it needs to be sold to a junkyard.

It's very important to recognize that Kansas recycling laws work against individuals keeping their own junk cars to scrap themselves add instead work towards junk car removal companies taking care of inoperable vehicles.

What are the myths about selling junk cars for cash in Kansas?

Listed below are the three main myths about selling junk cars for cash in Kansas.

  • Leaving junk cars on your lot in Kansas because there's plenty of room and nobody cares.
  • It's easy to sell car parts in Kansas, regardless of your certifications.
  • Most of the remains of vehicles in Kansas (once they have been stripped of parts and useful metals) go into landfills

When should you junk your car?

A car is to be junked in Kansas when it no longer runs or is too expensive to fix compared to its value. Junk cars should not be left sitting around on the property. Fines are imposed in Kansas, as well as penalties from the local government.

For example, Chapter 10.20 in Kansas states that a vehicle is to be towed away if it is inoperable and left on the street .

What are the most valuable parts of a junk car?

Listed below are the three most valuable parts of a junk car.

  1. Engine - The vehicle’s engine is the most valuable part on a junk car in Kansas. If your engine works, it is going to be in high demand for people who can’t afford a new one for their own junk car that they need to fix cheaply. Even if your engine is no good, the aluminum in the engine is valuable to scrappers in and of itself in Kansas.
  2. Transmission - The transmission is the next most valuable part on a junk car in Kansas. The transmission system is 85% aluminum and has value in scrap metal if it doesn’t work.
  3. Catalytic Converter - Catalytic converters are in high demand in Kansas because they contain very small amounts of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. They are a popular target for thieves.

How to sell your junk car in Kansas?

Listed below are the five main steps on how to sell your junk car in Kansas.

1. Find a junk car buyer in Kansas in your area or online.

2. Get free quotes to determine the value of your junk car in Kansas.

3. Accept one offer and schedule free removal of junk cars in Kansas.

4. Complete the paperwork, including the title according to the 2019 Statute 8-1,137 in Kansas.

5. Get paid cash for junking your car in Kansas.

Junk Car Medics explains more about how to sell a junk car for cash.

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What are the factors that affect the value of a junk car in Kansas?

Listed below are the seven main factors that affect the value of a junk car in Kansas.

  1. The vehicle year, make, and model affect the value of a junk car in Kansas.
  2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is driveable affects the value.
  3. Whether or not the vehicle’s valuable parts are still intact and in demand in Kansas.
  4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal affects the value.
  5. Kansas scrap metal prices affects the value.
  6. Kansas requires a title but there are other ways to verify ownership of a vehicle. However, the value greatly decreases without a title in Kansas.
  7. The location of your vehicle in Kansas affects the value.

How do you improve the value of your junk car in Kansas?

To improve the value of your junk car in Kansas do these three things. First, make sure you have the vehicle title. Kansas requires a vehicle title to junk a car.

You may be able to junk your car without the title. However, the value of your junk car greatly decreases if you do not have the vehicle title. Second, shop around and get multiple offers from junk car buyers in Kansas. Different junk car buyers may offer different values in Kansas.

Lastly, sell when scrap metal prices are high in Kansas. Scrap metal prices are the biggest factor in the value of your junk car in Kansas. Therefore, junking your car when scrap car prices are high in Kansas gets you the best value for your junk car.

How to apply for a replacement title in Kansas?

Listed below are the six main steps on how to apply for a replacement title in Kansas.

  • Determine whether there is a lien on the title by looking at the latest registration receipt for the vehicle.
  • If there is a lienholder on the title, The Division of Vehicles won't issue a duplicate title.
  • A lien release is necessary before the duplicate title is issued.
  • Once the lien release has occurred and there is no lien holder on the vehicle, a duplicate title application is to be filled out at a County Treasurers Motor Vehicle Office or mailed
  • You'll need to fill out the year, make, ID number, owner name, and current odometer reading.
  • There is a $10 title fee and $3 application fee for a repossession title.

How to know the value of your junk car in Kansas?

Listed below are ways to know the value of a junk car in Kansas.

Kansas Minimum Junk Car Price Maximum Junk Car Price
2009 Dodge Journey $385.00 $880.00
2008 Chevrolet Impala $245.00 $515.00
2007 Chevrolet Impala $0.00 $540.00
2001 Ford Taurus $0.00 $285.00
1999 Chevrolet Blazer $265.00 $315.00
2006 Saturn Vue $240.00 $265.00
2007 Dodge Caliber $270.00 $405.00
2003 Ford Escape $0.00 $270.00
2008 Pontiac G6 $315.00 $405.00
2004 Pontiac Grand Prix $190.00 $315.00
1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee $0.00 $265.00
2006 Chevrolet Malibu $165.00 $315.00
Recent junk car prices in Kansas

Does Kansas pay more for junk cars than other States?

No, Kansas does not pay more for junk cars than other states. The average amount that junk buyers pay for junk cars in Kansas is $445.14. Prices varies depending on year, make, and model. Comparatively, the national average for junk cars is $622.93. This means that junk cars in Kansas are worth $177.79 less than in other states. States that pay more for junk cars than Kansas include Idaho, Alabama, and Indiana.

The states that pay more for junk cars than Kansas are:
Junk Car Salvaging and Removal in Idaho for Cash
Junk Car Salvaging and Removal in Alabama for Cash
Junk Car Salvaging and Removal in Indiana for Cash

How many junk cars are wrecked a year in Kansas?

106,707 junk cars are recycled a year in Kansas.

Recycle Nation estimates over 12 million cars are recycled in the United States every year. There are 329.5 million people living in the United States and 2,930,000 of those people live in Kansas according to the most recent census data. That makes up .89% of the United States population. Therefore, it is estimated that of the 12 million cars that are recycled annually in the United States, 106,707 occur in Kansas.

Does Junk Car Medics buy junk cars in Kansas?

Junk Car Medics is proud to buy junk cars throughout Kansas. We cover areas including Overland Park, Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence, Olathe, Kansas City and more. Junk cars are going from between around $500 to over $900, depending on your exact location in Kansas, what the vehicle is, and how old the vehicle is. Because Junk Car Medics has multiple locations in Kansas, they'll be able to pick up your car quickly, often in as soon as 2 to 48 business hours.

What are the best junkyards in Kansas?

Listed below are the five best junkyards in Kansas.

  • Auto Recyclers of Kansas
  • Junk Cars Wanted WICHITA KS
  • Chrisman's Truck-Auto Salvage
  • Midway U Pull Muncie
  • Auto Salvage Part Smart

What are the best junk car buyers in Kansas?

Listed below are the five best junk car buyers in Kansas.

  • Cash For Cars
  • Junk Cars For Cash Kansas
  • Junk Cars Wanted WICHITA KS
  • Auto Salvage Buyers Johnson County
  • Olathe - We Buy Cars

What to know about the junk car industry in Kansas?

There were around 980,000 registered vehicles in Kansas as of 2016. Since laws prevent people from keeping junk vehicles on their property and since there is value in junk cars and plenty of junk car lots to buy them, it is reasonable to expect that nearly all of these vehicles will be junked.

When choosing a junk car recycler in Kansas, it's a good idea to seek out a company that has a long-standing reputation in the area, so you'll know they're trustworthy. Make sure that you choose a company that pays you when they pick up the vehicle and won't charge extra fees to tow your vehicle away. Junk Car Medics operates in Kansas and buys Junk Cars in the USA.

How to choose a junk car buyer in Kansas?

Listed below are the four main steps on how to choose a junk car buyer in Kansas.

  • Well-known company: Choose a company that has been buying junk cars in Kansas for a long time so that you know they know what they're doing.
  • Fast offer: Pick a buyer in Kansas that offers you money for your junk car within a couple of minutes.
  • Schedule a pick-up: Schedule for your car to be picked up on your time. The company shouldn't charge extra to pick up the junk car in Kansas.
  • Be paid quickly: Get your fair market payment for your junk car in Kansas within two hours to two days.

Is the junk car industry big in Kansas?

Kansas is a big state with lots of wide fields and spread-out homes. Almost everybody has a car in this state. When these cars die, Kansas laws are strict about ensuring that they are removed from the property promptly.

Therefore, the junk car industry is substantial in Kansas. Most of the junk car buyers and junk lots are centered around the big cities like Topeka, Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, and Olathe, but a big, competent junk car buyer like Junk Car Medics is able to remove cars from fields all over Kansas.

What are the necessities to open a junk car facility in Kansas?

There are a number of provisions governing the opening of junk yards in Kansas. This is a state that is fairly strict about junk cars and junk car lots, so it should come as no surprise that there are a lot of restrictions to follow. Listed below are the three main necessities to open a junk car facility in Kansas.

  • Junkyards must be more than 1000 ft away from the right of way of roads unless they are completely screened from view or zoned for industrial use.
  • Apply for a license and pay $50 a year to keep it active
  • Maintain the junkyard in such a way that it doesn't become a nuisance

How does Kansas define a junk vehicle?

According to Kansas law, a vehicle is a device that a person or property was transported on down streets, highways, alleys, or public ways. A junk, or inoperable, vehicle is a vehicle in a condition in which it is wrecked, dismantled, abandoned, and/or otherwise unable to perform the function for which it was built. Vehicles of any age can be considered a junk vehicle, provided their overall condition meets these requirements.

Kansas Junk Car Definition

Are motorcycles, bicycles, and other vehicles included for junk vehicle removal in Kansas?

In Kansas, the removal of junk cars does not include motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of vehicles. Junk car removal companies in Kansas only buy cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Is it better to donate your junk car instead of selling it in Kansas?

It is better to sell your junk cars instead of donating it in Kansas. If a junk car is donated in Kansas there are likely to be fees that come out of the vehicle’s value. Donating a junk car in Kansas may not get you a tax write-off if you do not itemize your income taxes. If the preference is still to donate a junk car, sell it, and the profits are then donated to the charity of choice in Kansas. This gets the highest donation value for your junk car in Kansas.

How to shield a junk vehicle from public view in Kansas?

It's illegal to keep junk cars on your property in Kansas, but they won't be a nuisance if they are shielded from view. Junk cars must be kept behind fences. The car cannot be higher than the fence you build to shield it. The fence must be strong enough to keep out children and animals. A privacy fence made of wood is the best solution.

What is the penalty of junk vehicle law in Kansas?

Fines between $100 and $5,000 applies if proper documentation and certification aren't employed when junk vehicles or their parts are bought and sold in Kansas. You may have your vehicle towed or other consequences. Therefore, it's very important to follow junk vehicle law in Kansas and have your vehicle removed by a junk vehicle company.

Information about the state of Kansas and junk vehicles

Kansas is a large state made up of 105 counties, located in the center of the country. It is landlocked, with Nebraska to the north, Oklahoma to the south, Missouri to the east, and Colorado to the west.

This is an agricultural state, producing corn, wheat, soybeans, and sorghum. Its capital is Topeka. The population of Kansas was 2.913 million as of 2020.

The largest counties by population are Johnson, Sedgwick, and Shawnee. The most common job in Kansas are cashiers, followed by customer service representatives, fast food and counter workers, and retail salespeople.

Kansas has a stable economy based on agriculture, logistics, and manufacturing. It is governed by Laura Kelly. There were about 980,000 vehicles in Kansas as of 2016.

How does Covid-19 affect junk car salvage and removal in Kansas?

Since the automotive recycling industry in Kansas is classified as an essential service, most junkyards remained open during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, towards the beginning of the pandemic, there was a significant slowdown in the junking of cars.

As time went on, demand for junk cars increased as more people were interested in fixing up their old cars and as parts became more difficult to find. This may be particularly true in a state like Kansas, where lots tend to be large, and many people have room to store and work on a car.

At this point, it appears that Covid-19 has actually caused a boost in junk car salvage and removal in Kansas.

What is the importance of junk car salvaging and removal?

Junk car salvaging and removal in Kansas is extremely important. Every vehicle reaches the end of its life at some point in time. Junk car buyers and removal services in Kansas properly dispose of vehicles in an environmentally friendly way.

Car parts are recycled when possible in Kansas. The fluids and chemicals are properly drained, so they do not leak into the earth in Kansas. The remaining scrap metal is then crushed and recycled at a metal recycling facility in or near Kansas.

Why choose Junk Car Medics for your junk car salvage and removal?

Junk Car Medic services are the fastest, and we offer the best prices for your junk car salvage and removal in Kansas. If you need to get rid of a junk car in Kansas quickly, before you are fined, or it is towed, Junk Car Medics is the perfect solution.

We have been in business for many years and have connections with dealers all over the country to help get you the best possible deal for your junk car. We’ll arrive within a couple of days at most to tow your vehicle away and don't charge extra for towing.

Does Kansas still have Cash for Clunkers?

Kansas does still have Cash for Clunkers. They've been buying cars in any condition whatsoever for over a decade nationwide, including in Kansas.

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