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How would you like to receive $300, $400, or even $1,000 for your junk car in Eugene, Oregon? No, this isn’t a trick or some sort of scam. Junk Car Medics actually buys junk cars for cash and will pay you generously for your old clunker. We have been a junk car buyer for years and have developed a knack for helping customers get the most cash for junk cars – and fast.

Eugene, OR is quite the place to live. Moderate weather year-round with winter temperatures rarely going below freezing and summers get no hotter than 90 degrees, it is certainly one of the more Mediterranean climates in the state. A picturesque backdrop, Eugene is known for its rich culture and brilliant art community inspired by the citizens that live there.

There’s just one thing. The cost of transportation in the city is a bit higher than the national average. Hiked gas prices and increased repair costs can make a bad combination for the owner of a junk car. Rather than waste more money on a car that may have a few more miles left in it, you could sell it to Junk Car Medics, take the cash, and buy a newer one.

We Buy Junk Cars All Over Eugene, OR

Don’t hold off on calling because you think your car is too damaged for us to make an offer. We have bought some cars in the worst condition possible - and for a pretty decent amount too. We buy cars with dents, transmission failure, bad brakes, dead batteries, rust, water damage, hail damage, and everything in between. We buy cars with salvage titles and in many cases, can even buy junk cars for cash without a title.

Your car still has a value and we intend to pay you well for it. Even if you haven’t started the car in years, we will take it off your hands. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating speaks for itself. We’re not in the business of conning customers. We’re in the business of helping residents such as those in Eugene to sell their junk cars for cash.

Use the cash to buy a new car, pay some bills, buy something nice for yourself, or put it up for a financial emergency. We’ve paid customers as much as $1,000 for clunkers in Eugene that they thought were worth nothing more than scrap. We can help you get the payment you’re looking for too.

Cash for Your Junk Car in Eugene, OR is Just 1…2…3 Steps Away

How many people do you know could sell a junk car in three steps in just 24 hours? Well, when you sell your junk car for cash to Junk Car Medics, that’s exactly how simple it will be. The process requires a few steps and we typically schedule junk car removals in Eugene, OR the same day or at the very least, within 24 hours. So, you could be $100, $300, or even $500 richer by tomorrow.

Give us a call. Give us a quote. Be there for the junk car removal and you get your cash. It’s really that simple when you work with Junk Car Medics. We don’t want to make you jump through hoops to get your junk car sold, you’ve already been through enough with the car. We know you just want to get it out of your hair so we save you the hassle and make the process as quick and professional as possible getting you paid faster than other junk car buyers.

Common Questions About Selling a Junk Car in Eugene, OR

What parts of Eugene, OR do you cover?

We cover all of Eugene, OR including neighborhoods like Crow Road, Pine Grove Road, Irvington, Fairmount Boulevard, and more. Just give us a call and let us know where you live in Eugene.

What paperwork do I need to sell my junk car for cash in Eugene, OR?

You will need to have your title and registration. Both of these can be obtained if you have lost them by visiting your local DMV office.

Do I need to be with my car when you pick it up?

Yes, while there are other arrangements that can be made if necessary, we prefer you to be there on the day your junk car is removed.

Is that extra cash in your pocket sounding pretty good about now? If so, give Junk Car Medics a call today and see how much you can get for your junk car in Eugene, OR.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Eugene, OR

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price Title Mileage Driveable?
2005 Toyota Prius 97401 02-23-2022 $560 Clean 300000 No
1999 Toyota Camry 97401 08-01-2022 $240 Clean 281000 Yes
1998 Honda Accord 97401 05-25-2022 $290 Clean 200000 Yes
2008 Chevrolet Uplander 97401 01-11-2022 $365 Clean 100000 No
1998 Honda CR-V 97401 05-01-2021 $325 Clean 235000 No
1992 Toyota Camry 97401 02-12-2022 $250 Clean 260000 No
1997 Toyota Camry 97401 07-15-2021 $300 Clean 198000 Yes
1996 Chevrolet Tahoe 97401 05-18-2022 $415 Clean 260000 No
2006 Chevrolet Uplander 97401 04-02-2021 $220 None Unknown Yes
1997 BMW 3-Series 97401 02-21-2021 $155 251000 No
1999 Acura TL 97401 01-12-2022 $270 Clean 134000 Yes
1999 Toyota Camry 97401 07-29-2022 $240 Clean 241000 Yes
1993 Chrysler LeBaron 97401 12-01-2022 $245 Clean 105000 Yes
2004 Hyundai Sonata 97401 01-15-2023 $265 Clean 164000 Yes

We Service Eugene & Surrounding

We buy cars in the following zip codes in Eugene: 97401, 97402, 97403, 97404, 97405, 97408, 97440.

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