Improved control and traceability reduce costs of the maintenance spares and repairs


Spare parts fast and easily available in Agilon

Plastic Omnium Automotive, Edison Road had historically encountered issues with lost time due to locating the relevant spare parts onsite, which has impacted the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) of their key processes. They also experienced uncontrolled picking from consignment stock and duplicate orders due to poor live visibility of spare parts on site. 

Keeping track of every transaction in maintenance

These issues have led our business to implement the Agilon system, primarily to improve the control, visibility and reduce unnecessary costs of the maintenance spares and repairs across our Edison Road site.  Secondarily, so that we can move the maintenance spares and repairs from the profit and loss to the Balance sheet, thus improving the budgeting process & control, finally to meet our IATF (International Automotive Task Force) audit standards for stock control and appraisal. No transaction goes unnoticed in Agilon, as every pick is recorded. This leads to high traceability, accurate stock inventory and a reliable inventory balance of critical materials.