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amateur Photography

amateur Photography

As seen through my lens!

As seen through my lens!


What I shoot with

 It all started with my first DSLR camera - Canon EOS 550D. But not only do I have a soft place for digital shooting. On my eighteenth birthday my friends got me my first Polaroid camera - Super Color 635CL from 1973. Later on I bought another Polaroid Image System, which gives a little bit more space to be creative with. I also shoot with a 36mm film camera - ZENIT TTL from 1956. Ocasionally I also take pictures on my phone, but who doesn't? 

Favourite Things To Shoot

I believe that every photographer, whether professional or not, has a favorite thing to take pictures of. Personally I prefer to make portraits or to shoot landscapes. Portrait Photography is a great way to show someones specific featured character.  Nature around us offers so much beauty to be seen. Why not capture it and show it to others? One of my biggest passions is, of course, travelling. Here you can see some of my favourite pictures from different cities. 

About me

I am a nineteen years old boy from Bulgaria and I've been an amateur photographer for over 10 years now. How I found out about my passion? Back then, when I was around seven or eight my father used to tell me how he was taking pictures as he was a teenager, so I did my research and started taking pictures with our camera, but in a while my parents bought me my first DSLR-camera, which I am still using today. 

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